Social Media Marketing


I hope to highlight each and every aspect of social media marketing to you on this page.

I firmly believe that it is perhaps the most powerful part of your online marketing efforts these days.

Please read through all the titles and sections I have supplied for your research and answers to your look at social media marketing for your business.


Our agency is geared for social media marketing plans and strategies – Find out why it is a vital part of your online marketing plan.

Your online marketing needs to be as up to date as possible, and if you look at this short explanation here, I hope that you will see how and why it is an aspect that you cannot ignore.

For more detailed explanations of most of my comments here, please read more below.

The main reasons for using social media.

ONE – YOUR potential clients and buyers are all over social media all day. You simply need to step in front of their social activities to be seen.

TWO – Social media sites are rewarding active daily users more and more. This is huge!

THREE – Social media sites are recognising small businesses by starting to create “stores” and marketplaces inside their platforms. They are doing it to get your ad spend, we exploit it for free exposure.

FOUR – Social media clicks drive traffic to anywhere you want them to go. Then your website gets more traffic and this gets noted and rewarded by the search engines.

FIVE – Social media marketing – when doing to a plan – can target very specific buyer keywords and use that targeting to send very interested buyers to the exact page that details everything they wanted to know about that product or service.

SIX – More, there is so much more that you gain from social media marketing. Brand building, social interaction, and the opportunity to build powerful followers.

A step by step basic social media marketing guide or plan.


Let me show you what sort of things you should be doing when you plan our social media marketing plan for your business. (please note that this example might differ to your specific needs)

Step one – Choose the product or service you would like to target for traffic and buyers.

Only you know what your most profitable product or service is. Start this whole exercise with that item and then once the marketing machine is rolling along you can then look to the next product or service. One at a time is better for a bunch of great reasons.

Step two – Do very detailed keyword research for that specific.

Your keyword research will determine where the traffic is already lined up and are looking for what you have for them.

We use a system that finds core keywords, then high search keywords then all the middle of the road stuff. Finally, we find long-tail keywords that could rank easily for you and as a cherry on the top find question keywords too.

Those question keywords will be the ones we focus on for your social media marketing.

Step three – Add the keywords to your site (silo style)

Now we are already into the rock and roll stages. You take the menu keywords and publish those pages. Then the core keywords get headline pages and they are at the top of your silo structure.

Then you load all the other keywords (as drafts) into the silo structure on your website.

Step four – Publish a page daily.

Yup, you got it. Publish the core pages first etc. They all need to get published at some time or other. You could publish daily, or less often like every third day. However, you must keep up a consistent level of publishing.

I guess that you know to publish in a great SEO way, IE short sentences, cool headlines, at least 2 images per page, some videos and even infographics. Then all the techy stuff like meta tags and meta titles and more. Your page needs to hit a few targets – One – really readable (user experience too) Two – actually answer the question the page title asked Three – impress the search engine bots that your page deserves high rankings and finally, calls to action all over the place. You want sales – right?

Step five – Create a variety of images and memes that are related to each page.

You should already have cool images that are very on-point from publishing that page. Then make as many more as you can manage. Different text, different croppings, different mashups, different frames – that sort of thing.

BUT, they must all convey a message related to what that page was all about.

Then turn those into gifs and videos and finally some powerful infographics. People love infographics.

Step six – Automate the syndication machine.

Let the sharing begin.

You must focus on the top three or four social media sites that are where your best prospects are lurking. Be the best there. Be active there all the time. reply to, comment on, share and message all the time.

Then build some automation into the machine. IFTTT style sharing, creating link wheels and more. Make everything that you share get seen on up to 25 social media type places. When I say that, I also mean web 2.0 properties and more.

Final comment.

I know that if you do this yourself it is going to use up most of your days every day too. But you will save the cost of getting it done for you.

I obviously do this as a service and if we do every tiny step along the way it can work out quite expensive to pay for. BUT the rewards will grow and grow.

Answers to Your Social Media Marketing Questions

Will social media marketing work for every business?

The short answer is yes, but I suspect that there would be some businesses that would be too technical, too tightly focussed or whatever to work well on social media marketing.

But I would go ahead and say that 99% of businesses will get increased sales and exposure from active marketing.

I think that sometimes it might be more about branding, other times more about individual products (like single items of jewellery) but I am sure that each business has a service that can be shown in a way that gets attention socially.

Do I need a social media marketing plan to make it work?

A carefully structured marketing plan is always going to be far more effective than just randomly sharing each page URL when it gets posted.

Let’s be honest, any social activity is going to be better than no activity, but a planned system could literally get up to 100x more attention.

What are the best social media sites for a business?

I feel like I say this answer so often, but the reason is that I have to do so. You see, a standard answer would be Facebook first, then Instagram, then Twitter or interest and perhaps LinkedIn.

But, if your business is B2B then LinkedIn starts off in pole position.

If your business is DIY and income from the courses or tools that they need to buy to do the thing, then Youtube or a web2.0 property might be a better starting off point.

The right answer is – the best social media site for business is the one where my buyers hang out.

Can I get free advice on specific SMM for my needs?

I am not only happy to give you free advice on what you need to do in relation to your social media marketing issues, I actually encourage it.

I offer everybody a skype meeting where we can look at what your business needs and where to go from there.

What sort of costs am I likely to find if I use your agency?

Well, until we have looked at what your needs are we would just be guessing as you might need me to do everything, or you might already have your keywords sorted, your images optimised and your content written and published. That would just leave me to automate and manage your daily social media posting.

The smallest task I could do for you would start with a fee of around $80, a common monthly posting fee is $200, and me doing everything from the very first step could go as high as between $2 000 and $15 000.

The two most common fees are either $200 a month or $997 a month.

Let us meet to look at what your needs might be.

What do I post on social media?

This would depend heavily on what your product or service is.

A realtor would post videos and image bundles, a life coach would post inspirational memes and a hairdresser might post tips videos.

Mostly it would be images firstly and this would be all types, banners to detailed pics of a product. Then gifs and videos, content too.

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