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Digital Garden is an agency that does local search and local GMB SEO for small businesses that offer products or services within a localised area.

Times are changing around us all the time, and how local search results work for small businesses is part of all that change too.

In fact, as I write out this page, I know that the system called “Google My Business” that is so powerful for bringing you leads and buyers is going to change in the near future.

Not just a small change, but a pretty big significant change too. Digital Garden is prepared for those changes and will adapt and edit all our client properties when that happens. But for now, I am going to explain all this to you as if things will always be as they are now.

Here are some facts about things that people are doing when they search for a local business or service.

They research on a few different places before they make decisions. This is Google search first, then social media and then in some instances they dive into smaller more focused searches for things like images.

They use a strong keyword for their first search. Duh! Yup, I know that is obvious, but I mention it because Google will almost certainly give them local search results when they do that and will “cookie” them and more targeted stuff will probably follow you around for a few days.

Facebook is building a powerful “business” pages system. They see that businesses are always going to be a source of advertising, so they are adapting their platform accordingly.

They are almost all buying based on reviews.

Read that line again! And again!

This is what is driving those all powerful leads to your business.

Firstly, you need to rank at or very near to the top of any search result.

Then you need to have really good reviews. Lost and lots of them.

Before I go, or you go and read more…

WE are a small agency and limit the number of clients we work with.

Local SEO Services Agency

To find out a bunch of helpful stuff about getting leads and also seeing if we will be a good fit for business, please use the contact form, or the WhatsApp button or phone me and let us chat about your business and how we can get you more leads.


These numbers refer to the image above here and show some of the details that help you see what needs to be done when you get your local search marketing set up.


  • Number ONE – The most important Search Engine
  • Number TWO – How many people are actually searching for that keyword
  • Number THREE – How many ads are competing for your chosen search keyword?
  • Number FOUR – The actual keyword you are testing
  • Number FIVE – Are the related keywords good? and do they have high search numbers?
  • Number SIX – GMB – Google My Business – Local search results. THIS is what it is all about. leads by the dozen!
  • Number SEVEN – See if there are another 2000 related keywords for you to target!

I love that you found me, I love that you are reading about local search marketing – BUT, the thing is until we have spent a bit of time in a meeting where I show you things related to YOUR niche in YOUR local town, none of this matters.

Call me, WhatsApp me, whatever, but lets get into a meeting as soon as possible.

Local SEO Checklist – Find out what basics you need for your local business using SEO ranking systems.

This list is just a basic guide, and I will be doing a detailed SEO checklist soon that will possibly be downloadable too. Keep in touch for that list.

It is best if you have a brick and mortar store.

You need a website.

The website must have a ton of details that will all add up and help to rank your site for the most searched for local services keywords.

Your website must “repeat” what your Facebook business listing and your Google Local Business listings say.

You need to have a powerfully set up Local services listing on Google.

Your Facebook business listing will also need to be set up to the maximum that you are allowed to do on the platform.

Each and every image you post needs to be optimised.

You need to weave keywords that are searched for the most into your posts and pages all the time.

Regular posting on all platforms help a ton.

Use back linking to get higher rankings.

Use all of Google’s properties for better rankings.

Get reviews from each and every client. Post those where necessary.

Why is local SEO so important?


This is easy to answer. Google will redirect any search that they deem “local” to a local search results page. Your website (mostly true) need not rank for your local listing to rank.

So, local search brings very targeted leads to those at the top of the local listing rankings.

In fact, if your opposition is not doing a good job, you could even rank without a website. I do not recommend this, but it is a fact.

What areas do we specialise in for local search SEO?


All the local SEO marketing services are things we do for your business.

However, once your basics are done, we specialise in social media marketing.

This is where we post for your business – in all the right ways – on a daily basis.

Then, depending on your niche, also once your basics are set up right, we will do your mobile app marketing too.

Please note that what I am referring to here as the “basics” could easily be 2 months’ work, keyword research, on-site SEO, content and a ton more, but once that is done then rest is easy to do on a daily basis.

Google Local SEO – Doing search optimisation for small local businesses in Ontario


Ranking your business above all your opposition is not that hard. But it is a constant, never-ending, flow of small but significant tasks that combine over time to push you ahead of others who are not doing these small tasks.

That is why you need either an agency or a full-time in-house expert to do your local search optimisation stuff for your business.

Contact us to find out more about what this entails.

Local SEO services for small businesses in Ontario


We highly suggest that you do your SEO in a planned and systematic way.

Keyword research.

Start by doing a massive keyword research exercise. This will allow you to know what path to focus on in your future marketing.

Structure the basics of your website.

Before you start to add pages and things to your website get the structural basics set for the best SEO results in the long term. This is far more complicated than this single sentence allows.

Complete your GMB local listing.

Fill this out in such detail and include reviews, posts and images and more. This is the cornerstone of your rankings and how many leads your listing will bring to your business.

Do the same amount of due diligence to your social media platforms.

You need to only do this level of detail to the top three or four social media platforms. Do not forget to tie all the keywords and information into a same-structure-system for the core details of your business,

Now you are all set and ready to flood your keywords with content

Once the basics are all set up on your core platforms then all you need to do is add a post or page a day and share those on social media. As long as you do not overstuff your keywords your rankings will solidify and rank high for more and more keywords as time moves along.

The more after this is just icing on the top.

You could do mobile app marketing, you could start a YouTube channel and more. But this would depend heavily on your service or niche. Ask us how.

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