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Daniel Hall

Rob always delivers quality in all that he does, I've learnt so much from his courses and videos. Rob's training has given me new ideas on how to promote my business and how to approach marketing differently. I highly recommend his training for anyone looking to develop new skills.

Geoff Green

Recommending Rob Anderson as a source of knowledge and inspiration is something I just have to do. Aside from his informed insights into the challenges I have faced he is always willing to offer himself as a sounding board for specific challenges and is professional in creating custom solutions for those challenges.

Kim Schroder

I attended Rob's training for online digital marketing and his presentation of content is well presented in a step by step format.

When one starts out in digital marketing the amount of information and constant updates is overwhelming.  Rob's course starts with the basics and builds on from there.

Rob is extremely knowledgeable in his area of training and has a comprehensive library of materials to reference.

I found his course fun, professional and easy to follow.  What makes Rob's course stand out is his ongoing availability to assist and constant support throughout the learning process.  Highly recommended.

Phakamile Maseko

I have had a wonderful experience with Rob Anderson, and also with using all his programs.

I learned things I would have not known If I was doing this alone.

I have built a strong relationship with my mentor, advisor and we try to keep in touch from time to time

A very important message

You want to save time and so do I.

You are welcome to read all the pages I am about to publish on this site, but I suspect that you do not really have a big interest in things like meta tags, or on-page SEO, and stuff like that.

But, and this is huge, you DO want more leads, more sales, and more eyeballs on the online properties that you have set up.

Every single business is different.

I know - after 14 years of doing this - that even two similar businesses on the same block in the same town will have differences in how they should be doing their marketing.

With that in mind, the ONLY WAY that you can find out where your strengths and weaknesses are online, is by getting someone like me to do a detailed online audit.

I am not talking about a website audit here (I can do that too if you need it) but a detailed overview of your business or service, a deep look into where your clients or buyers hang out and then see where you can either improve or build systems that will capture those clients.

Let us get to the nitty-gritty faster.

What to do NOW.


Use the form on the contact page to give me all the info I need to do a preliminary and short look at your needs. I will then do a report and send it back to you for your attention. No strings attached.



You could also just set up a skype call with me so we could discuss your needs on an audio call. Sometimes your needs are different and would need more explanation. No problem. This you would do on the contact page too.


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If you DO want to learn more...

Sometimes you still need to see more and do a bit of research into a service (Me, I am talking about myself here and my skills).

I would do the same. In fact, I would do a lot of detailed research into a service that I might end up using, and that service affects my core business. Quite important, right?

I suggest starting on the about page and then perhaps go to the blog page as I will be adding valid videos and stories as the site develops over time.