About Robert Bruce Anderson

I understand that what you find out here on this page is important. I hope to give you enough information to help you decide on what to do next.

You need to get to know me well enough to trust me to work on your online properties. Plus you also need to know that I know how important that is to you.

You also need to know how I work and what I am capable of doing for your business so that we start off on the right footing and are a good fit.

A bunch of facts about me in no particular order.


My core experience is related to organic SEO and online marketing. I have limited advertising experience.

In the 14 or so years I have been online I have built at least 300 websites. Some of those included clients who also had me build and run their social media properties too.

I get a really big thrill in using my own websites to test the limits of new ideas, both good and bad. This ends up being a big benefit for my client websites as I therefore already know something will work if I apply it to their websites or online properties.

I have an addiction (this is a real problem) to needing to stay right in front of the latest trends and ideas online. This means I spend far too much of my off-duty time watching training courses and doing research into all the tiny or not-so-tiny things that can affect what happens online.

I am stupid-honest. I know that honesty is a good thing, but my non-filter also allows me to says things out loud that I should keep to myself. Most of the time this is good for you if you can handle my non-PC issues.

I have a bad habit of overdelivering. I know you will like this, but my wife, not so much.

I have an unhealthy sense of humor. I love making jokes.

I have a questionable filter – I say things as I see them. Mix that with my need to make silly jokes and you can see the problem there.

I also have so much online experience that I am convinced that I have heard everything at least 10 times. (This is debatable as things change online really fast)

I came online back at the end of 2008 after that massive financial crisis hit the business world really hard.

By the way – that was the first huge surge of online growth – The covid pandemic is possibly going to prove that it is by far bigger than the early surge.  A massive business growth opportunity for us all.

No! I do not own the yacht pictured above on this page but will hire it for a party every now and again if you ordered enough services from me monthly. (Did I mention that I like to joke?)

I talk too much. (I don’t just throw this fact in here lightly – I really do not stop talking. Remember that, all my emails to you will be chatty, all my 2 minutes videos to you can go s long as 60 minutes) You really need to know this before you give me any money.

The bottom line is simple – I know what I am doing online, I know that I can help your business get more leads. You need more sales or orders, I would love to get your money. We both win.

You might have wanted to know the next few facts too. I am married and have 4 children (is that 8 because they are all married?) and a few grandchildren.

I love dogs more than people, cannot live without music and more happy moments every day than bad moments. I love my newly adopted country (Canada) and wish I had come here sooner. I do admit to mourning the death of the country I used to live in.

Oh, I am also an artist and make some really cool pieces of art, mostly out of wood. If I am lying awake at 3 AM (I do this often) I am sorry to tell you that I do not lie there thinking of things I can do to fix your website, I lie there thinking of new art ideas and how I can find some time to get into my workshop to try whatever it was I thought about. Most of the time, I forget it all by the morning.

Every now and again I wonder if I should learn to spell.

Finally, I should point out that I can afford to be a little flippant here as our initial contact is likely to be a call or two, a video or two, and more that should give you more than enough proof that I do know what I am doing online.

I hope I have given you enough info on this about me page.