Website Design

Let me list the basics that your website needs to have…

ONE – The site should be built on a platform that is easy to optimize from an SEO point of view, that is secure, that is able to allow beginners to add content, that is can allow for easy editing, that is loved by the search engines, and still looks fantastic.

TWO – The core pages and all related content needs to be keyword orientated to a large extent. WE will show you what people are looking for in relation to your business or service and help you optimise your content for those specific client needs.

THREE – You need to focus on user experience for visitors to convert into sales. This covers a wide range of tweaks that you need to use in your page content to lead visitors along a set path.

FOUR – Your site SEO need to be on point. This covers things like site loading speed and on-page SEO and a lot more.

FIVE – Your content, your images and more need to not only look fantastic but relate to exactly what a visitor was looking for.


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Website Design for Brantford Ontario

Small businesses need a website that does what it is supposed to do – Convert visitors into sales.

Digital Garden builds websites for Brantford business owners that do that – Convert visitors into buyers.

After 13 years, and a few hundred websites later, you will be glad to hear that I know I can build you the website that your business needs.

Do YOU need a new website or a site redesign?



I believe that you need to know the following things before you can make a decision.

  • All the different possible website platforms that you might consider for your new website
  • If you are going to target long term SEO options or just an advertising strategy.
  • Will you rely solely on your website or build a wide digital marketing machine.
  • How much of the work will you be doing yourself VS getting us to do for you.
  • The keyword potential for possible buyer traffic.
  • Putting all these answers into a realistic budget and timed plan for the new site.



Set up a meeting to discuss your new website

Until we have gone through everything you need to know to make an informed decision you will never know what the best options are in connection to your website.







Announcement – I am a one-man agency and I am currently at full capacity and not taking on any new clients. Thank you for understanding