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We are always going to target small businesses in Brantford and Ontario.

For this reason, we have already started to build up a series of pages that will focus on local businesses.

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The first page I published was all about who searches for what keyword all across Brantford.

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Social Media marketing for small businesses in Brantford Ontario

I am not going to lie to you – I am crazy passionate about the power of social media marketing. I believe that once your other properties are set up in the correct manner, almost all you will ever need after that is limited content creation and massive social media marketing.

Small businesses need a website that does what it is supposed to do – Convert visitors into sales.

Social media marketing is possibly the fastest way to get sales these days.

However, to get the best results out of your social media marketing efforts you still need to have all your core properties set up in the correct way.

Digital Gardens Social Media Marketing Plan Looks Like THIS!!!


ONE – Set up your website properly…

  • Looks really impressive.
  • Great keyword and silo content.
  • Perfect User experience
  • Nice landing pages or funnels.
  • Viral or super readable (interesting) content.
  • Buy buttons everywhere.

TWO – Set up your local search listing perfectly.

  • Claimed Listing.
  • Every tiny detail is added to the allowed space in your profile.
  • More than 30 optimised images.
  • More than 20 posts.
  • Regular additional keyword orientated (sometimes silos too) posts forever.
  • Some quality backlinks.

THREE – Set up a minimum of 4 social media sites.

  • Choose the top 4 relating to where your buyers hang out.
  • Do very detailed account detail set up.
  • Link to all other online properties.
  • Set these to run automatically if possible.
  • Add initial core content.


The machine will work like this… (in most cases)

You add a really impressive viral styled piece of content to your website. What is needed is a page or video or infographic that is so readable or watchable that people will click and get involved.

Once a week should be enough.

You share that link with cool images and memes and banners right across social media DAILY.

You then build those memes, images and banners into an automated resharing machine for up to a year in advance.

After a period of time, your social media sites will be continuously be sharing content that people love to see read and share all the time.

This will lead to direct visits to your site all the time, those visitors will stay on your site following other cool content and be exposed to your products all the time.

You get powerful exposure, both on your site and overall the social media platforms you have built into your machine.

You also get powerful brand exposure which will eventually lead to direct searches for your products via your brand.

Cool huh?