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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in Brantford

In a strong economy, business is actually fairly easy to do. 

You need to have a service or products

You need to supply that service in an efficient way.

You need to do all the small things correctly, answer your phone, reply to emails, not kick anybody’s dogs – you know what I mean.

Now here is the cool part…

What if I told you that you could double and double your business over and over again?

That would be a nice bonus to have over and above your relatively full order books already.


Ask me what this means!!!!

Website Design

Some Popular Keyword Searches for Brantford

Website Design

A general overview to business related keyword searches in Brantford

This entire page is going to run past 2000 words and is dedicated to showing you what people are looking for online relating to BUSINESS or SERVICE KEYWORDS across the Brantford area.

I made a few videos discussing all those details as a guide to show you how keywords could affect your business’s bottom line.

Obviously, I am doing all this to get you to use some of my services to make more sales for your business, but, and this is the cool part, I am so not trying to push very hard for your business at all. The reason for this is that I am just a small agency and will limit the number of clients I service at one time.

Plus, I love helping people and if you get just a tiny bit of advice from this page and apply it to your marketing – and it works – I will be super happy.

Keywords explained and my reasons for doing this keyword business page

A rough guide to showing you how many people are searching for YOUR business in Brantford every month.

This entire page is going to be of great interest to any business owner who owns or runs a business in the Brant or Brantford area.

Let me try to explain …

I love doing keyword research, and went and did a keyword search for what people in Brantford search for every month online.

The thing is that keyword research is the root of all online marketing. It is the best way for us as business owners to see what people are looking for online.

I run a full-service digital marketing agency, and when I am contracted to do any form of digital marketing for a client it is keyword research that I go to as my starting off point.

A keyword that is searched for relating to your business, products or service is, in reality, a queue of people lining up to give you money.

Before you go off and start to watch any of the videos I would like to list a few things that are probably important and you might need to know about this “keyword” video series.

  • I never planned it to be very accurate or extremely detailed.
  • It uses a single keyword search scrape as a basis for everything I show you in all the videos. Meaning that it is a guide and definitely does not allow for all keywords relating to each topic.
  • I will be doing individual and more detailed keyword research into specific business niches that are plentiful here in Brantford, but that will be in the future.
  • I did not script this video series and for that reason, my natural style of chatting does make each video a bit longer than it needs to be. I like it that way. My bad!
  • Yes, I do not sound very Canadian. I have been here for 3 years already, have my PR status and am really looking forward to becoming a citizen in the future. I love this country.
  • I have a service that is just keyword research if you are interested. However, if you ordered a bigger service, like social media marketing or SEO stuff, it would probably be included in that service.
Digital marketing via mobile apps

I made a series of videos that was meant as a general interest point of view for Brantford Business Owners. A guide or general overview.

I tried to think of the easiest way for me to show all local businesses a general overview of how much demand there is for their businesses online.

I realised that if I could show you what keywords are getting searched for it will give you a bit of an understanding of digital marketing in a broad sense or point of view.

Naturally, when I try to go too general it waters down my ability to show how specific niche businesses work better in some online places while others thrive in the local search results. If you are interested in a peep into your business specifics we can set up a meeting.

Roughly half of the keyword results I received were unrelated to business locally, and covered things like the weather, politics, and basic search questions that we would expect from a busy city like this one we all live in.

I chat about them a bit in the first one or two videos and then remove them all and show you the ones that are related to local business only.

ALL the business-related keywords are in this section.

At first, I did ALL business-related keyword searches that were done online that had the city of Brantford in those searches.

So, to be clear, I searched for a quick search that had the word “Brantford” in it as a keyword search.

This produced 34 pages of keywords.

A few were not even for Our Brantford, so I deleted those.

Then, when I got to this stage I had removed all the ones that were not related to business. For example – keywords about trails in Brantford (yet those could easily be added to a business that does cycling or a business in the hospitality industry) and others about the weather or politics and more.

This cut the keywords down to around half. I think it was 13 pages.

Therefore, as you can see, I was still discussing keywords in a more general way.

However, seeing all the “business” related keywords in a single document was handy for me to see where the biggest demand was.

As you can imagine, it was food-related, specifically fact foods or take out food.

This is always going to be so because it is a consumable item that people order many times a month.

Watch the video to see more of what I have to say about all this.

Roofer Keywords

I chose Roofers as one of the services industries to show specific business keyword searches.

Yeah! Now we get to look at a specific niche and for the first one in this series of videos, I chose roofers.

Reason number one is because it did show up a few times in my initial keyword scrape exercise. And, for example, a services business like fencing never did, yet people do look that up all the time.

Watch the video for a ton of interesting information related to the local search for roofers (and other local services businesses)

The keywords I found in this initial search are probably only around 5% of local searches and for me to explain it better, I will either need to do it in a meeting with you, or you will need to wait for me to target these niches in a far more detailed way in the future. (I am not sure if I ever will, but would love to do it if I get the time)

By the way! This is one of those niches that will be best served by having a powerful local search profile online, including Google My Business, their own website and Facebook business pages.

Real Estate Related Keywords

The next industry I focused on in Brantford was the real estate side in the Google searches.

Marketing for a real estate business is a very different kettle of fish because of the very nature of their industry.

It covers a lot of different sub-niches, like rentals, commercial, budget properties and more.

Plus, it almost never has standard “stock” items. A furniture store can carry a specific range and build up online properties that will drive more and more sales to that item over time, but estate agents list a property and then sell it only once. (Ja, Ja, I know, sometimes a few times over time – but you know what I mean).

One of the best things about online marketing for property sales is the fact that people LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see what is for sale and peep at all the details they can see. They do this for many reasons, which I will not go into here, but suffice to say that derives viewer traffic and interest and more importantly, branding.

Anyway, I am starting to chat here as much as I do in my videos.

Please go and see what I say in the video for a better sky view of real estate keywords locally to Brantford.

Take Out Food and Restaurant Keywords

Take out and restaurant searches are possibly the most searched for online – as a general grouping.

If you know me, you will know that food is one of my favourite things in life. I read and follow all food stories online – all the time.

The section I covered on this video was always going to be an obvious one because take out foods and even restaurants will always get people loving and hating their experiences online – especially on social media.

In my digital marketing agency, two of the services that I believe will bring the most leads to a business, are mobile app marketing (specifically push notifications) and social media marketing.

Once the core properties of the food business are up and solidly online then their lead generation can be run for such a low monthly fee that the owners would be amazed.

Please remember restaurant marketing differs quite a lot from take-out marketing, but they still run almost identically compared to other service businesses.

Ask me for that free-one-hour meeting and learn as much as you like from me.

You can not lose anything.

OK, so for now – go and watch this video. See some interesting things.

Grocery Store Keywords 

Links you might be interested in – related to this page

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The final video I made discusses the grocery stores in Brantford and how they do their marketing.

If I phoned and asked a medium-sized grocery store if they would like me to help them with their SEO or online marketing 99% of those times I will be told that they have things under control. They are sorted.

I get it. They have the daily running of their stores to do, plus they all do similar marketing and it sort of works out just fine for them.

Well, what I am going to show the big food and grocery stores here is so obvious that I am horrified that they have not been doing it all long.

Most grocery store lookups per keyword search are more for details like store hours or occasionally contact details for whatever reason.

Grocery store marketing focuses on flyers and in-store marketing and that is totally understandable.

But I would love to point out a small overlooked side of their marketing that should be done on such a massive scale that it could double their monthly turnover.

Basically, you flood their flyer specials all over social media. But you do it without “selling” – gently.

Then for step two, you create unique package specials. Big ones and small ones.

I have a few ideas.

OK, then you hook everybody up on a phone app and run a push notification loyalty program that is scared of nothing!

That is all you need to do.

People will see the hooks on social media, follow the crumbs to the specials and combo pages, get the mobile app and WANT to be hooked up to those daily specials that only get “offered” to the mobile app members and the club members and the membership members and the cheese club members. You know, stuff like that.

They will start to switch their monthly shopping trips over to you, they will start to switch their bargain runs across to you and more.

You will reprogram them – by the dozen – to switch loyalty to your store.

My wife and I both prefer different grocery stores and for different reasons, and we will defend our reasons blindly. For that reason, our monthly spending gets divided more or less evenly. What I am trying to say is once you develop a new loyalty to a store, you will keep on going there for years.

Using this marketing method, you will build up new and happy loyal shoppers each and every single day – because your marketing will be a daily flood of cool images.