What online properties does YOUR business need?

How Complicated can it really be?


There are so many online properties and many of those are probably going to be unnecessary for your online marketing.

But how the hell are you supposed to know which ones to set up and work with to get your business more sales?



I can only hope that the video explains the mind map - see more below


I made a simple mind map – yes, I know that when you see it you will say that it is complicated – with the sole purpose of being able to show you that overall there are so many options to use for online lead generation.

Scroll down to see the full mind map image.

Now, there is good news. You will probably never need to use all the online options in your business.

Big international brands probably will need to do so, and more than likely do too.



Do not panic!

I made a video that gives you a bit of an explanation of the entire mind map. See it below.