Set up a meeting to discuss what you need as far as SEO services go.

SEO is something that you need to fully understand before you place any orders relating to this.

You see, SEO is a long and slow process, and when it finally kicks in the rewards will be amazing, but it takes a continuous flow of small tasks and larger tasks to build a decent SEO foundation, and then to grow onto that strong foundation, finally culminating in a powerful authority website relating to your services and products.

Sometimes all you need is a single month of realignment to your site, and then a constant barrage of social media marketing, and other times you might need a 6 month SEO plan.

All this depends on what type of business you are in, what segment of the market you plan to target and more.

Meaning, you will need to meet with me to go over all the details, so you have a very clear understanding of what all the best options are for your business.

Please contact me to set up that meeting – you can use the contact form, you could call me on 2263887820, you could email me on or simply use the WhatsApp button below.

Search Engine Optimization for small businesses in Brantford Ontario

Small businesses need a website that does what it is supposed to do – Convert visitors into sales.

Digital Garden is an SEO agency aimed at helping small businesses get more orders via their digital properties.

I am going to tell you this next sentence over and over on this page – SEO is a subject that you really need to understand properly for you to make an informed decision relating to your online properties especially your core website.

Until you really know what this process involves – the work – the costs – the time span – the many different permutations – you are likely to run into a world of pain.

However, once you do know what this is all about, then you will be happy to know that whichever SEO combination system you choose to order from us it’s exactly what your business needs.

I say all this because sometimes all you need is a 10-page website (perfectly set up) and then a massive effort put into your Google local search listings and power by some social media marketing.


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Do YOU need us to look into your SEO needs?

 If you are planning to do some SEO to your website – I think you should read the following important comments relating to Search Engine Optimization.

  • SEO primarily relates to your website – but could also apply to your other properties (EG getting your web 2.0 properties to get ranked and indexed too)
  • The core to this aspect of your website is showing Google exactly what your business is all bout, page by page, post by post, image by image etc.
  • Your content needs to be exactly what the search term was – IE your content needs to tie in exactly with the keyword that was searched.
  • Your core pages need to be what you what your VISITORS to see. 
  • Other pages need to be very keyword orientated and need to be in silo type systems (categories)
  • Images need to be the correct sizes, they need to be optimised (meta descriptions etc) Plus the images need to be as minimised (in data sizes) as possible.
  • You still need to have great UX – Used experience.
  • You need to have powerful landing pages.
  • You need funnels to lead buyers to the right buyer places.
  • You need to have each page done to a correct best practices on-page SEO plan.
  • You might need to run a keyword serp (search engine results page) analysis for the keyword you would like to compete for, and “copy” what the top results are doing.
  • You need to watch out for keyword cannibalization on each and every page.
  • You must do planned internal linking.
  • You will need planned external links coming into the correct places on your website.
  • Other web design basics must still be adhered to – like making the site look great.
  • The website must load fast.
  • You will need to watch the dwell time people have on your site (we call it “sticky”) as this helps or hinders your ranking in a very big way.
  • You must create a compelling copy – with viral potential – also known as pillar pages, at least once a week. Sometimes with shorter posts linking in a silo structure to those pillar pages in the other days of that week to push the internal linking of that pillar page as high as possible.
  • Social media marketing should be applied to boost all your SEO and keyword pages and posts to keep traffic flowing and your visitor count at the maximum levels.