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Branding for small businesses in Brantford Ontario

I would like to make a couple of comments first about the branding of your business online.

Business branding is actually a thing you need to do from the very first step you take when setting up your business. If you think about it, one of the first things you do is to choose a name for your business and that is the biggest step when thinking about branding. 

Branding is really the simple process of getting your buying public to associate your product or service with your businesses name or image (brand).

When doing this online it is actually an advantage as you can produce many multiples of digital content to show to the public and as long as your logo, name and or more is connected to that piece of content, you will be branding your business.

Generally speaking, the person who gets the most, or best, exposure will get recognised as a brand for that product or service, but this is also not always the case.

Sometimes a clever piece of marketing will go far further in how people perceive your company or brand. We encourage you to focus a lot of the actual efforts to “brand” on gifs, videos and any kind of short – but focused – moving digital image. These are easily served daily to social media and attract a lot of attention. It is simply a matter of putting attractive | funny | apt | factual etc information and the branding on that piece of content and then getting it seen all over the internet.

Honest Comment here about Branding!

The truth is this, in almost every case related to online marketing we will encourage you to do the following anyway…

  • Set up your website with core SEO pages, and all the things a website needs.
  • Set up your Google Local Listing in the same way. IE correctly.
  • Set up your social media correctly too.
  • THEN, you get to the daily content creation, publishing, and social media distribution.

So, if you are already going to need to do that first (for best online lead generation) anyway, adding branding into the social media marketing mix is not that much of an extra. Yeah, you say that we will then need to focus as much as 50% of our social media marketing on the branding side of things, but it is still similar to what we would have been doing anyway.