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Until we have gone through everything you need to know to make an informed decision you will never know what the best options are in connection to your mobile marketing options.


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We are always going to target small businesses in Brantford and Ontario.

For this reason, we have already started to build up a series of pages that will focus on local businesses.

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The first page I published was all about who searches for what keyword all across Brantford.

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Mobile App and Push Notification marketing for small businesses in Brantford Ontario

Businesses have long been able to spot the potential in having a heart mobile app that can communicate with their market at will.

Until recently it was always silly expensive to get an App developed for your business, It is not uncommon for businesses to pay upwards of $40 000 for an app.

I Can offer you a mobile app that will be able to do everything that your website can do (99% of the time) and more.

At Digital Garden we, as an agency, propose that certain businesses add an app to their marketing and then send out push notifications to the app to generate sales on demand.

Do you want to know the price of the app? We have options where the app itself is free if you take one of our add on services. Or, we could build your app for a super low price and simply charge you a minimal fee for the hosting of the app.

We can help you with marketing methods and ideas to get more people to load the app, and then to get involved in the notification system. You know, special offers, competitions and more.

Which businesses are best for a mobile app?

It is important that you get good advice here as some businesses will not need an app unless it is for image, branding or cosmetic purposes.

Ok, so the best businesses are most likely to come for the following types of businesses.

FOOD – restaurants and take out food places are possibly the best suited to the app because they can use push notifications to drive orders or bookings almost on demand.

BEAUTY – Hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, massage salons and all similar businesses could get a massive benefit from having easy access to their client base with them being just a message away. Again, special offers, competitions, coupons and more can be driven via the app.

REAL ESTATE – List cool images of new listings, show open house details, show stats and more. All things that will drive interest and build brand awareness.

PROFESSIONAL – Doctors, dentists, lawyers and more need never have an open booking slot again. If cancellations happen then a quick push notification could get the slot filled in munites.

OTHERS – The list could go on, with places like landscapers, kitchen companies, grocery stores and many more could get a great benefit from having a mobile app.

To find out pricing please call, WhatsApp or drop me an email.