Marketing for a small local services business is in fact really easy to do - ask me how!

The best part of marketing for local services is that Google wants to promote your business.


This Page is all about doing local search marketing for small businesses in Brantford Ontario!


You see, Google is seen as a search engine, but it is really just a big old advertising platform, and I for one have no problem with that.

In fact, I am glad that they show their true colours when it comes to local business marketing. They built up Google-My-Business knowing that they will feature local businesses in local search results more and more as people need to find a product or service locally.

When you add “Brantford” to your search Google will reward you with the most accurate results that they can for that keyword, and it will be my pleasure to set up your local search for those perfect results in the SERP’s.

The fact that Google is about to go through a radical change to their GMB or local services setup online is not a problem for you and me, because I will be on top of any changes that come our way and keep your listing set up for any new changes that will happen.


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Local BUSINESS marketing for small businesses in Brantford Ontario

Digital Garden is an agency aimed at helping small businesses get more orders via local search.

I am going to tell you some hectically important information here in this paragraph that if you applied to your online properties you might not even need a website (you probably will) and could have more than enough orders to keep your teams running at their maximum.


  • If you are a local business, service business, e-commerce business, brick and mortar store or whatever, you will be pleased to know that possibly as many as 90% of your buyer leads are coming from local search. The others will be split between social media and your website.
  • People are basing their buying decisions on reviews. Read that again. The internet has taught us a lot of things and one of them is to not trust what we read online (except what I write – naturally) and for that reason, the trend has swung heavily to referred leads from social media and – more importantly from the reviews they read on your Google Local Search Listing. That is the most important factor of your listing (Oh, and naturally you need to be near the top of the search results).
  • It is not enough to just list your details in the local search listings on Google, but you will still need a ton more, like keyword researched related content, optimised images and a whole lot more.

Do YOU need us to look into how well YOUR business is ranking in the Local Search Results?

 I offer a full hour of my time to you for free showing you a ton of details that you could apply to your online marketing strategy and start to get more calls and leads almost immediately. Just contact me to set up a meeting.

What details do you need to pay attention to for better rankings in the local search results pages?

This list I am about to write here is just a guide to give you a better idea as to what steps will combine to lift your ranking results and get you leads.

(I should probably add that I am writing this out of my head and might leave out a few valuable details, details that I will never leave out if you were my client – This I say because I have a total-honesty-alarm built into my brain.)

ONE – You need to be registered and have claimed your listing on the Google My Business platform. Google will rank unclaimed listings, but for best results, you need to claim your listing.

TWO – You need to go into your listing and fill out EACH AND EVERY single space they provide you for information related to your business and your services. The more you tell them, in the correct places, the better you will rank.

THREE – You need to have at least 20 RELEVANT images. These images should be of high quality and be very specific to your products or services.

FOUR – These images must be correctly optimized. 

FIVE – You need to publish core posts. They need to be informative and user friendly.

SIX – You need to publish regular keyword orientated posts.

SEVEN – If your rankings need a boost, then you need to build interlinked silo posts and power those silos to top the rankings.

EIGHT – You need to stick to a set NAP (Name Address Phone number) format that you will use everywhere in your comments, your citation and everywhere else online.

NINE – You will need to get real (quality) reviews. This is huge as people base their buying decisions on those reviews.

TEN – You need to get as many citations as you can. These would be local directories and classified type sites. They can be a mix of free and paid listing. Make sure your NAP is consistent. Make sure that you complete these citation listings with as much information as you are allowed to add to them.

ELEVEN – The better your actual website is – in every aspect – the better your rankings will be in local search results.

TWELVE – Use your social media accounts to drive traffic to your listing. This is for multiple reasons.

THIRTEEN – Get backlinks to your listing.

FOURTEEN – Get to do all this for you!

SEO Agency | Brantford

Would you like me to do a featured look into your businesses niche – from a local search point of view?

If you would like me to research a specific niche that relates to your business, you can drop me an email and ask.

I have already done a few featured niches and plan to keep on doing them for the foreseeable future.

So far I have looked into Brantford in a general overview and even made a few videos there. In those videos, I covered Real Estate, Take Out Foods, Roofers and Grocery stores.

You can find all those stories here on this link – Brantford Business Keyword Examples