Online Properties Audit for a Family Law Practice


This could be the best place for us to start our relationship, as a full audit of all your online properties will give us a great overview of where to start repairs.

Remember we are talking about a Family Law Practice.

This means that I would apply a best practices framework when I look into all your online properties.

What I mean by best practices is – for example – you probably do not need a daily podcast, but definitely need other important things like A self-hosted website that is set up in a specific manner, a Facebook page that is active on a daily basis and a perfectly optimised GMB listing.


What we will do for you on a FREE AUDIT.

OK, so the free audit still looks at everything you have online, we will run a report on your website, we will go into your social media accounts to see what goes on there and how it is being done.

We will check that you do have the core online marketing properties that you need to have at the very minimum to be super competitive in your niche.

We will then compile that into a report for you, and probably do an explainer video too.

This is obviously designed to give you the chance to see that your online marketing is running at the current 2021 and 2022 levels that are needed in this ultra-competitive online world.

We would then send this to you, and then follow up with a call to discuss any questions you might have, and show you where you need to target for improved leads or more where necessary.

No pressure from us to order our services, we would even send you to DIY training in a few cases if you choose to do it yourself.

What we will do for you on a PAID AUDIT.

The paid audit covers everything we looked at for the free audit, but does so in a far more detailed fashion.

We will cover each aspect of your online properties in far more detail

We will do things like basic keyword research, and your feedback videos will be more than one so we can explain each section of your online properties in detail. Both the good and the bad.

For example, we will do a separate video and report for you for your GMB listing. Then the same for your website, and for your social media properties.

Finally, if your Practice has other aspects to it that we feel we will need to cover, we will do that as a separate section too. Like, for example, if you had a lot of partners, or you focussed on child custody more than everything else.

There are a ton of tools that you could use for free and check things for yourself, like how fast your website loads. I agree that it is a very important part of your potential rankings on Google, but if a slow site is only your 14th biggest issue, then it would be wise to focus on the other bigger issues first.

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Daniel Hall

Rob always delivers quality in all that he does. RobĀ  has given me new ideas on how to promote my business and how to approach marketing differently. I highly recommend him.

Geoff Green

Recommending Rob Anderson as a source of knowledge and inspiration is something I just have to do. Aside from his informed insights into the challenges I have faced he is always willing to offer himself as a sounding board for specific challenges and is professional in creating custom solutions for those challenges.

All this writing is explained in the video above here

A quick overview of the online properties audit.

What we look at for you, and why we do this.

Website First.

  • First impression.
  • Type of website
  • Core SEO issues (pages, meta properties etc.)
  • Amount of pages
  • Types of pages
  • Silo structure
  • Backlinks
  • Site loading speed
  • More

GMB listing

  • Ranking for core keyword
  • How complete is the listing?
  • More

Social media

  • Which ones?
  • How active are they?
  • Are they being done for the best results (no selling etc.)?
  • More

All other properties.

  • YouTube channel
  • Web 2.0 properties
  • Google properties (stacking?)
  • Email marketing?
  • Push notifications?
  • Mobile app?
  • Size of practice VS online presence
  • Local VS provincial VS countrywide or even international.

Anything else you told me about, like podcasting or separate websites for different keywords, or do you have lead-gen sites? What about your landing pages?


Rankings and keywords are part of the paid version.




How We Can Help

There is a very high chance that we cold-called you. We search online properties for weaknesses in Family Law businesses online properties and then contact you to help you fix that problem.

If for example, we contacted you with a weakness in your Facebook or social media marketing, you might also need website advice. But we might not have mentioned it (or even looked for that problem). We do therefore want you to look at other things that you might need, or get us to do the free or paid audit for all your online properties so you could then tighten up your online marketing for better results online.

Please look through this entire page so that you get to see all the options that you have available that will help your business.

Thank you


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