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There is a very high chance that we cold-called you. We search online properties for weaknesses in Family Law businesses online properties and then contact you to help you fix that problem.

If for example, we contacted you with a weakness in your Facebook or social media marketing, you might also need website advice. But we might not have mentioned it (or even looked for that problem). We do therefore want you to look at other things that you might need, or get us to do the free or paid audit for all your online properties so you could then tighten up your online marketing for better results online.

Please look through this entire page so that you get to see all the options that you have available that will help your business.

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Facebook and Social Media Marketing for Family Law Attorneys

Online Property Audit for a Family Law Practice


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Daniel Hall

Rob always delivers quality in all that he does. Rob  has given me new ideas on how to promote my business and how to approach marketing differently. I highly recommend him.

Geoff Green

Recommending Rob Anderson as a source of knowledge and inspiration is something I just have to do. Aside from his informed insights into the challenges I have faced he is always willing to offer himself as a sounding board for specific challenges and is professional in creating custom solutions for those challenges.

Kim Schroder

I attended Rob’s training for online digital marketing and his presentation of content is well presented in a step by step format.

When one starts out in digital marketing the amount of information and constant updates is overwhelming.  Rob starts with the basics and builds on from there.

Rob is extremely knowledgeable in his area of training and has a comprehensive library of materials to reference.

Highly recommended.

Phakamile Maseko

I have had a wonderful experience with Rob Anderson, and also with using all his programs.

I learned things I would have not known If I was doing this alone.

I have built a strong relationship with my mentor, advisor and we try to keep in touch from time to time

Free Online Property Audit

We will do a free audit of all your online properties looking for your strengths and weaknesses so you will know where you need to focus your energies to get leads coming into your business.

Paid Online Property Audit

We will do a very detailed audit of all your online properties looking for your strengths and weaknesses so you will know where you need to focus your energies to get leads coming into your business. This comes with each section of your online properties dissected and discussed in detail with its own report and its own video.

Social Media Posting|Marketing

One of our core services is posting to your more important social media sites daily. Facebook now has business pages and will return business-related searches to you in a similar way to Google GMB listings. This is going to grow and become very important in the systems needed for your business to be seen as the best in your field. Those that post every day will more than likely win. Winning is what it is all about.

Social Media Set up

If you only have a limited social media presence, we can set up perfectly optimised social media profiles for your business that Google will love. This could be for as many as 25 other smaller social media sites, and while they will not be important in bringing you leads from the small sites, Google sees that activity and gives you credit for them This is all about Brand-Building. This would be a once-off service primarily for boosting brand awareness.

Landing Pages Set up

What if you went to all the trouble to get people to find and visit your website and when they get there it is weird and confusing, and they leave in seconds? That would be very bad. We build you specific landing pages for your specific target market, so they find what they need easily and become happily involved with your business.

Local Search GMB

Local search is massive. From a lead generation point of view. These days people will make a buying decision (or sign up for your services decision) based solely on the strength of your reviews. Plus, you would also need to be ranking right at the top of those search results to be possibly included in the who-should-we-contact list.

Mobile Apps | Push Notifications

For family law practices this one might not be necessary. If you were a pizza place you could message people via their phones a lot. Family lawyers perhaps not so much. However, sometimes it cannot hurt to have people connected to any new articles or posts you do to keep them up to date with the latest issues. You decide and then we can chat about this as a service or not.

Free Premium Website

99% of the time you will already have a website. We can work on your site sure, but you are unlikely to need a new one. HOWEVER, you might like to build a keyword orientated lead generation website designed to drive very targeted clients to your business. The free option is a basic 8-page premium site where you would need to use my affiliate link in order to qualify.

Premium Website Design

See above about a specific keyword orientated site, or perhaps you would like your website to be redone. we can chat. Oh! I would need to point out that I only work with WordPress. Ask me why when we chat.

Website SEO and Maintenance

This is right up there in the massively important department. Failure to any of the issues that a crappily done SEO job on your site will simply cause your opposition to be seen as better than you. lousy rankings are not a great idea. This would probably be a monthly service.

Google Stacking

I love the simplicity of how if you use Google’s own properties to expose your services Google will promote you better than the other sites that do not do this trick. this is a great way to build brand awareness and to get specific niche keywords to rank better.

Email Marketing

This service is more than likely not needed at all. I can add it as a service for your family law practice, but you would probably be better off with a mobile app if you feel that you need to communicate with old and new clients on a regular basis.

Link Building

If you are already well established online then you will probably have links to your website. I would only suggest that you use link building at all when you find your rankings are sticking and you need to jump higher in the search engine results pages. Therefore most likely a service you will need sooner or later, or more like every month or two. WE can chat about this. 

Local Citations

Citations are 100% necessary for a number of reasons. WE offer this service and strongly advise you to use it if your citations are not fully up to par. Winners and losers are decided at this point.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Things change almost all the time.

We stay on top of the changes and can carry that knowledge across to your online properties.

We believe that our relationship needs to be open and very honest.

We also know what works and how to implement the steps needed to make your SEO and online properties work properly for your business.

The best way is for us to communicate.

Call us and let’s get started.

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