Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a combination of marketing systems that combine to boost your business to the top of all the places online where your buyers hang out.

We use skills like keyword research and great website SEO and digital marketing to drive visibility up across the entire web.

Website Design

Digital marketing relies heavily on really great keyword research.

The core of almost all of your digital marketing options need the have the focus of your efforts aimed at the clusters and categories that are created by the keywords that people search for online

The first step is knowing your niche

This starts with being very aware of how your products and services fit within your niche.

Then you do keyword research in as much depth as your products need. Sometimes it is only 50 keywords and other times it is thousands of keywords.

It is a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack, where you had better be looking in the right haystack in the first place, and then your research will show you a quadrant and then a small section to search through.

Keyword research is one of my addictions.

The second step is knowing your website is as perfect as possible.

I am not going to go too deep into this here, but the basics are about user experience and SEO and silo structure.

Google must love and understand your site 100%.

Visitors must be able to navigate around and not even realise they are doing it.

They must be led to a purchasing point that makes buying an obvious next step.

There is so much more, but we can either chat about it in a meeting, or you could simply contract me to make it all happen.


And then we are off to the races!!! Otherwise, known as digital marketing.

You set up as big a social media marketing system as necessary.

You set up a powerful local marketing plan as needed.

You create a plan for any eCommerce aspects of your business so it will entrench itself like a fungus everywhere online.

Then you create a Google properties juggernaut with feet big enough to trample your opposition.

If necessary you create web 2.0 properties with so much power that it will look like you have walked into one of those mirror mazes – with your products visible at every turn.

Then you work tirelessly at building keyword foundations that will have the foundations of the biggest players in your niche trembling! Social media stuff, memes, videos, links everywhere. Digital carpet-bombing. I think I am going to start calling it Digi-bombing.

Ah, man!


Answers to Your Questions

Is digital marketing just one thing?

Generally speaking, digital marketing will cover a combination of a few online marketing methods. 

For example, you might focus on keyword related page creation, and then add the social media marketing over that as a marketing bundle. Then to that on a sustained basis. (this option is one of the ones we promote to you as a good way to gain authority in your niche)

Or perhaps you might focus on silo posts to your Google my business profile and couple that to either video marketing or social media marketing or both.

Another option is to work on outreach and collaboration projects with some of your peers to gain powerful branding and even stronger backlinks within your chosen niche.

There are a lot of options worth considering.

Would I need to do a big expensive package from day one?

No – definitely not. Sometimes it would work out better if you simply did the whole thing on a step by step basis. Allow that it will run over 6 months or even a year or two to get the traffic flowing at a great rate. 

But if you just did keyword research as step one, then core pages on your site as step two, then a few landing pages as step three, then setting up and starting the social media marketing sites, then google properties etc.

After 13 or 14 years of doing this, I learned that it is far safer to not put a strain on your time or your budget – ever. A stressed client is not nearly as much fun as you would think.

All it takes for you to find out how fast, or how big, or how scary this will be for your business is to set up a meeting and let me show you some options.


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