Digital Marketing for small businesses in Brantford Ontario

Please read the following comments about my digital marketing agency.

I think that it should help you make any marketing decisions.

Right! So my very first comment is that the term “Digital Marketing” is so vague that it should not ever be used by an agency that does any form of digital marketing (don’t you love my little joke there?)

The reason I say this is that covers all aspects of marketing online and is such a  broad term that I almost always want to explain that it is made up of a large variety of online things that we can do to get your business eyeballs and orders.

For me, digital marketing really means lead generation.

So, with that out of the way, I am going to list the biggest things that we – as an agency – need to do to your online properties so that they get seen in all the places that your buyers hang out online.

Obviously, I will not be covering all these individual aspects in detail and for many of them, you can find a list of links down below that should take you to a page that will give you more details about that service that we offer.

The Main thing – Your Website.

This needs to be set up to cover all the obvious things. Correctly set pages for your actual service and products. Silo structures, landing pages, funnels, SEO stuff like meta titles and schema, really engaging content and last but by far not least the site must look amazing. There is a lot more than this.

The next thing – Your Local Google Listing.

Ja, I know, sometimes some businesses do not really need this, but most businesses do. This is another thing that really needs to be done the right way. Go and do that!

Then another big one – Social media set up.

Social media marketing done the right way can easily drive the most buyers to your website, but it is more than that. It builds up silos of content, creates awareness of your brand and so much more. This is one of our core services and other than doing your keyword research the right way, I believe in this form of marketing more than most of the others.

What about Video marketing?

Sometimes that is a huge part of digital marketing. ask me more about this in a meeting.

Then | Landing pages | Funnels | Advertising | affiliate sales | Competitions | coupons \ Mobile app marketing | Push notifications \ E-Mail marketing.

So many options, so many possibilities and more.

I LOVE IT! Come on, take my advice here and set up a free one-hour meeting with me and let us look at each and every aspect of your business potential and what marketing methods online will best serve your potential.

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Until we have gone through everything you need to know to make an informed decision you will never know what the best options are in connection to your business.


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