Branding and brand building for small businesses


Brand building done alongside any form of online marketing will add a lot of power to how well your business ranks in local search engine results.



There are 2 very distinct ways to do brand building and brand marketing for your business.

Brand building and marketing for the public.

The first way that you could use brand marketing to get more exposure and sales for your business, would be to use very specific media to get the public to see, recognise and associate your business brand with your service or product.

This would be threaded into your social media marketing on a daily basis.

Brand marketing for local search rankings.

The second form of brand marketing is where we focus on getting Google to see your brand everywhere and associate it with your location and local search engine results.

This method involves a lot of repetitive actions like citation building and posting your NAP (name address and phone number) far and wide.


Take Action Right Now


The only way we can see what level of brand building your business will need is for us to get together, either online or in-person and then discuss all the details.

All over this page are ways for you to contact me, WhatsApp works, and so does a direct email.

Use this email address and contact me for that meeting.

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We work across Canada for smaller businesses and focus on three core aspects of your marketing.

This is local search marketing, social media marketing and mobile app marketing.

Obviously, this would still require that your website is correctly set up and publishes content on a regular basis. It is the combination of all those aspects that will fill your order book.

The best way for you to find out what all this entails is to fill your details into the form here and let us do an audit and then have a virtual meeting where I will show you what steps you will need to do yourself or get us to do them for you.

An overflow of leads is a nice thing to have. 

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